Nikon D5100 vs. D5200

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Re: Nonsense

cmvsm wrote:

Let's go to school. A straw man argument is a misrepresentation of another's position. Comprendo?

Good gracious, you are astonishing, that is exactly what you did.

Are you serious? did you comprehend what I actually wrote?

Yes I did, but you are too blunt to recognize sarcasm yourself...

Uh huh.

Most likely? you don't sound so convinced on the $200 investment all of a sudden.

Yes, most likely. Gear can only take a photographer so far, as there is skill involved as well. You should know first hand with all of the blurry images you said you get with your D5100. As I said before, its not the camera....

Here's the thing about that, I NEVER SAID IT.

Learn to read for goodness sake.

You failed to quantify your statement. Not surprising. So a $200 fast 35mm prime is going to assist with sports photography, where the AF module is most relevant? I guess if I need a fast telephoto, that $200 is not going to help me much over the kit zoom right? Think McFly think...

You have no idea what you are even saying do you. Your comment is completely off the chart for lack of comprehension of the original discussion.

What was that you said about the D4 again?

You still didn't answer the question, but nice try....

I'm still doing better than you are at this point.

Here's my original comment on this thread for your reference. I stand by it 100%

The days of dramatic increase in image quality between old and new models appear to either be over or at least slowed considerably, there is just not much difference here, in fact, the D5100 is arguably slightly better.

For someone on a budget this represents a very good opportunity to get excellent image quality without having to spend a fortune on a newer body, it also means better lenses can be purchased for less overall outlay.

In my opinion, the $200 you could save buying the D5100 would be far better invested in another lens than on a D5200 body.

Banding? The D5200 and D7100 don't share sensors. Guess you missed that as well. Again, not surprising...

Oh my goodness I'm talking with a turkey!!

Gobble gobble.

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