LF1 Vs Other : LX7, S110, RX100

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Re: LF1 Vs Other : LX7, S110, RX100

Robert Anderson wrote:

To my eye, the LF1 images look as sharp or sharper in the center as the LX7, but they look very soft towards the edges. I don't think this is a matter of default settings.

which LF1 images look soft? IMHO the WA images look just as good in the corners as S110 and similar cameras. I always check border/corner sharpness in the WA range because that is important to me, but I see nothing really wrong in the first LF1 images (but I didn't check all of them ...). The only negative I see is more than average PF in high contrast situations.

At 200mm equiv. the LF1 borders/corners are relatively soft indeed, but that's better than only 90/120mm maximum tele ...

Without controlled comparison shots it is difficult to make definitive statements about image quality.

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