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There is the easy way, the pain in the ass way and the real PITA way

1. The easy way is to restore your pre-purge backup and do it all again within Lightroom, so that Lightroom knows what has been moved and what has been deleted.

2. If the deleted images are still in your trash there is a way that is a bit of a PITA.

  • First you select all the files that have the ? icon
  • Add the keyword "missing" (or some other unique keyword) to all these missing images
  • Go to the trash and restore the deleted images.
  • Return to Lightroom Library module and filter the images by keyword "missing"
  • The ? will have vanished from the now restored files but will still be there for the moved files.
  • Select all the restored files, which no longer have the ? icon, and delete them from within Lightroom.
  • The remaining files with the ? icon are the ones you moved. You will need to locate them manually I'm afraid.

3. If you cleared the trash you are SOL. Your only option (I know of) is to restore a backup or manually locate each one and work out if it was moved or deleted. Real PITA.

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