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JudyN wrote:

Barry Margolius wrote:

Unless I misunderstand your problem, it's quite easy. In Lightroom, highlight your primary image folder, and then right click on it (I'm a Windows user, but I'm sure there's a Mac equivalent), and select "Synchronize Folder".

There will be a delay, and then a dialog box will come up telling you how many images it plans to remove from the catalog, and giving you additional options.

But if you moved some, that's a whole different story. Apparently you didnt' read the part where you delete files and move files WITHIN Lightroom, not outside it. It is quite easy because you can see what you are deleting and then it is gone (to the recycle bin on Windows) and no cleanup necdessary. But that's for next time...

Or you could take your back (you do have one, right?) and start over with this cleanup project.

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Even if you moved some files, I think the synchronize will work.  If you moved, for example, one file Lightroom would just think you deleted 1 file and added 1 file in a different place; not knowing that it was the same file.


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