What's a good beginner's camera?

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Re: What's a good beginner's camera?

As always, your input is appreciated.

I don't know why I had a brain freeze and kept on thinking it was the D3100 when I wrote the two previous posts, including one in reply to Mark.

The sales showed me D3100 first as an example, but quickly switched to D5100, then D5200 as the better and new models. The guy took out D3100 and G5 to show me the size difference between mirrorless and the traditional slr as I was interested in the G5. I liked the bigger one as it's more comfortable to hold. Played with the D3100 a little and I asked about Canon entry level camera. The guy simply recommended one of the oldest and most famous entry level camera at a lower end budget is T3i from Canon ($550). Basically, stores don't have T2i as you have already said. But for their same price, you can get a D5100 from Nikon, which is better in his opinion ($580). After playing with the D5100 a bit, he went on with talking about the new models like D5200, T5i and SL1.

As I've said, I don't feel a huge change between T5i to T4i to T3i to T2i, which is why it dropped down to T2i as my Canon choice. As for Nikon, I meant to say D5100 instead of D3100. At the end of today, thanks to one of the threads/discussions/questions you recommended, I remembered that I liked Canon's UI more. It feels simpler. While I am sure that Nikon offers more for the same buck, Nikon can't directly offer how I feel about something. This relates back to one of the first things you said. For someone who really cares about low high ISO noise, there wouldn't be any considerations. I suppose mine would be a simpler UI, for now at least.

The only thing left is whether I should stick to my intuition on T2i, or listening to other people to get a newer model so it'll last longer... Why do I always bring up a new question once the old question is resolved...

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