Remote Shutter Exposure Limit?

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Re: Remote Shutter Exposure Limit?

I have a D80 and use it for star trails quite often. You will find the buffer limit is 100 shots. There is a way around it. If you take the remote off lock and then re-lock it again, it resets the counter to 0, like you were starting on picture 1 again. I use a little electronic timer set at 45 minutes to remind me to do this.

I now use one of those cheap Chinese intervalometers and use the bulb mode. With a battery grip on my D80 I can get about 4 hour trails. I shoot small jpg and then stack them using StarStax. Works great.

With my 35mm f1.8 lens, I set it on f2 and iso200. Noise reduction off. Works great,but you need a clear night. I do catch meteors quite often and always try to get the space station in a frame if a good pass is coming. Another fun thing is set up in a commercial airline flight path.

You may find my star trail page useful - bper

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