Sandvox -- and extremely capable Mac website builder

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Sandvox -- and extremely capable Mac website builder

Some time ago, I asked on this forum for recommendations on modern website building programs -- preferably ones that maximized use of the Mac GUI.

I have built quite a lot of sites, including my own, using that marvelous do-everything graphics and publishing program, Canvas X for Mac, but it is now 8 years out of support and its HTML filter is about 10 or 11 years old. Might be even more. (Canvas X continues to be a mainstay program for my business in advertising and publishing, though, and for producing the elements for websites.)

A number were recommended including RapidWeaver, Flux, and Sandvox.

  • I had been poking at RapidWeaver for some time, but it didn’t float my boat.
  • Coincidentally, Flux came as part of a cheap package at about that time, so I bought it. I looked at it and might use it one day, but not today.
  • Sandvox grabbed me for some reason.

Sandvox, by is a compact 37 MB download and they allow you to trial it producing sites up to five pages long. Pretty generous I reckon! I made my trial a rebuild of my site -- a site I have produced and put up free to aid the local tourism industry in the tropical paradise in which I am living a misspent dotage!!!

I felt pretty constrained initially by the template basis of the program (Canvas is completely freehand within certain rules) but after going through the process of building the site and with the help of Karelia user forum participants uncovering a few wrinkles to ease the bonds, I am very happy with the both process and the result.

Sandvox makes pretty much maximum use of the Mac interface; lots of drag and drop stuff with things just falling into place in the template, so even limited interaction with the program means it is familiar.

My site uploaded fine using the Publish action in Sandvox with only one tiny glitch -- the Sandvox icon didn’t show!!! HUH??? There's a text link to Sandvox, though. I'm very happy to have an a link for Sandvox on the site -- they deserve it.

I will let Sandvox know about the missing icon but in the meantime, I'll prepare some extra pages ready to upload next week (my ordinary Internet access is a 3G wireless dongle; I have to visit a tourist hotel to upload stuff using their fast Internet).

CONCLUSION: An excellent program that deserves the awards given to its creators and gives Mac users a very easy entrée to website production with a lot more individual freedom of design expression than at first appears to be the case. Highly recommended.

THANKS: To participants on this forum who brought Sandvox to my attention.

Cheers, geoff

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