Anybody using the "M"?

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Tom Hoots
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I'm happy with mine.

Don Karner wrote:

What is the proper forum for finding user experiences with the Canon "M"?

Not sure this is it but I certainly would like to see some user feed back on this camera. Especially since the recent price reduction. With the 22 mm for $479 I certainly got more interested.


I grabbed an EOS-M a couple of months ago, when the price first started dropping. I'm pretty happy with it. Like many folks who have picked one up, I have a rich history of competitive cameras -- I've had the Sony NEX-5, NEX-5N, NEX-5R, NEX-7, and the pocketable RX100. I've also had the Olympus E-PL1 and E-PL2, and a whole host of other cameras.

I'm a JPEG shooter, and I easily prefer the color I get out of the EOS-M to anything I've gotten out of any Sony camera.

I bought the kit with the 22mm lens, and added the 18-55mm lens. The 22mm lens is absolutely excellent -- though it isn't stabilized. The 18-55mm lens is quite good, but it has quite a bit of lens distortion at the wide end. Now, that's absolutely similar to the kit zoom lenses for just about every other mirrorless camera on the market, but there is one ENORMOUS difference -- all of the other cameras have in-camera lens distortion correction, but the EOS-M doesn't. I'm hoping that the new firmware update might include it, but with nothing mentioned, I'm not expecting to see it.

I have to laugh at all of the INSANE whining about the EOS-M's slow autofocus -- and what always goes unmentioned is how the camera "blacks out" after each shot (or set of bracketed shots, or burst of continuous shots) -- leaving you sitting there for a second or two before you can shoot again. Yes, people have termed the camera "useless" because of the very slight delay in the autofocus, yet they say nothing about this blackout that they have to wait far longer for. At any rate, perhaps that will be gone with the new firmware update, too. We shall see.

I recently added the EF adapter, and bought the Sigma 18-250mm DC Macro OS HSM lens, and I think that has been entirely manageable.  I know some people really get their heads out of joint over attaching big lenses to mirrorless cameras, but it's all really just hogwash from people who've never tried it -- get the camera you want, the lenses you want, and get on with your life.

Otherwise, the EOS-M is a pretty satisfying camera.  "Made in Japan" and absolutely dripping with great build quality, the camera is just so much more satisfying than the typical plastic entry-level DSLR stuff, and the "M" lenses are quality-built jewels, too.

The LCD is absolutely excellent -- I really thought that Sony had owned the "best LCD" badge, but the EOS-M's LCD is far better than the NEX screens I've used.  It's brighter, it uses the entire screen for the native 3:2 image, and it just has a better "contrast" to it than I've ever seen before.

The "I wish it hads" are simple:  the lens distortion correction I wish it had, and a number of competitors now have electronic level displays, which I wish the EOS-M had.  Boy, I would dearly love to have the level that the G15 sports, for instance.  Battery life is what it is -- a smaller camera gets a smaller battery, so buy extras.

That's pretty much the story as I see it -- I'm looking forward to seeing what's in that firmware update!

Tom Hoots

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