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Robert Anderson Senior Member • Posts: 2,261
Re: Wow, PowerShot D20 is bad!

CAcreeks wrote:

Robert, the Nikon AW100 (and probably AW110) has good detail in trees and grass. Its lens also goes to 140mm crop equivalent.

Comparing the two in the studio widget, wow, the D20 is awful. Fortunately Fuji still makes a worse underwater camera!

Those images in the studio do look pretty bad. Please have a look at the images in my D20 album at 100%. They are much sharper than images I have seen from the TG2, TS5 and AW100.

Having said that, I have seen some good results from the AW110 and more recently the W3. Most recently, I have been using the Sony RX100 in an underwater housing.

ISO 100

ISO 800

Details in the leaves and grass

With many of the other waterproof models, the leaves and grass are smeared like a watercolor painting.

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