Testing the new LED100WA-56 Light with Bowens Softbox Mount

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Re: Just took delivery of the LED-200WA-56 light

Thanks Tom

I am very interested.

The 100W LED probably emits the same amount of light than a 500W tungsten.

So the 200W should do double I am interested if it is true

If you can somehow compare it to a halogen 500W-1000W bulb that would be very interesting.

This would be the first independent reliable test on  the net

Thanks and waiting for the result


Tom Meeks wrote:

The LED 200WA-56 just arrived this afternoon. But, I must be away until the weekend, I promise to shoot something over the weekend for you.

I actually used the 100WA set for a shoot last week. But, unfortunately, cannot show any of the images because the subjects were mentally challenged children at a special school. The results were mixed because I had to shoot at an ISO of 3200 to get a reasonable depth of field.

However, we did shoot a short video that turned out very nice. So, right now, I'm thinking that one needs at least one of the LED-200WA-56 lights in the setup.

I did turn it on and it DEFINITELY is brighter than the 100WA.

Stay tuned!

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