Skin colour in 24MP DX cameras

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Re: Use a CCD based camera for portraits

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So if you have different shades of white, brown, asian, and black skin tones in the picture, do you get one right and others wrong?

If you don't get colors right at the moment of capture - you have lost a lot of information forever.

But surely that would only happen if you got the exposure wrong - blew a channel or underexposed beyond the useful range of the sensor. If the exposure is correct then skin tones are a matter of rendering, no?

like the Nikon D60, D200, D80 or D40X - they will provide perfect skin tones right out of the box. CMOS based sensors suffer from color shift depending on the light sources and if the light sources are mixed, it becomes a nightmare.

What I am finding (I used to shoot with a CCD kodak sensor olympus) is this D7000 is very sensitive to light reflected onto the subject off nearby objects. I shot this women standing on a green lawn and any of her skin not directly in the overcast daylight falling on her had a green tint to it. It was not pretty! I never noticed this problem with my CCD sensor camera.

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I don't doubt your experience (or that of the numerous other people who are nostalgic for CCD sensors) but what is the science behind this? Doesn't a sensor just, in effect, count photons - does a CMOS sensor count green photons reflected from a lawn more than it counts other green photons or more than a CCD sensor counts them?

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