Samsung gets it right - look here, Oly!

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Re: Samsung gets it right - look here, Oly!

MattV wrote:

Sounds like a reasonable compromise for giving the user some control of your camera settings without having to resort to the on-screen menus. Of course, it falls far short of the flexibility of the 3 physical dials at your fingertips as on the E-P5, two of which can control an alternate function at the flip of a switch.

tjobbe wrote:

press iFN, turn the dial and change ISO, WB, EVF, Aperture, Shutter depending on what you did configure on the iFN for a specifi shooting mode or turn the top dial and select the settings via the Fn Menue you see on the EVF....easy and the same as on current NX2000 running Tizen.

From a raw shoot pov ther are only a maximum of three settings that matter adjustable at any one time, and need to be adjusted on the fly. I have no problem at all with samsung assigning them to one thought out control dial, and freeing up the camera back for other uses, maybe, and quite likely, things that us old fuddy duddies have never even considered.

Not my choice of cam, but elegant, and no doubt will become the norm. Viva le revolution.

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