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Re: Need Assistance with PC Specs

teseg wrote:

I do use DVD (to install some programs, recovery disc etc) so $1014 goes to $1032... and...ah.. the Operating System? (Windows 8, which I happen to love) ... $99: grand total: $1131.

This was a key oversight by theswede, though I suspect he often is not installing windows on a new system.  But this is the one item where the DIY person usually pays substantially more, as much as 200% more.

And as to quality: a quote about the case:

“Made of weak metal
Worst design for securing pci cards ever, flimsy and bends easily, does a poor job of holding cards ...”

I generally spend $100 on a case, and sometimes more.  But...the cases used by the cheap off the shelf computer is usually a $30 case as well.  I think here is one of the more tangible upgrades you can make when you select parts.

We can debate quality of off-the-shelf systems (that come with warranties),

someone here gave an interesting point on this aspect.  The system comes with a one stop warranty, which can be a big time saver (though not always great for resolution time), but it's usually one for one year.  But individual parts can have warranties for up to 5 years.

EDIT: I was just looking at the motherboard.. says it supports 2nd generation Intel CPU, the off-the-shelf supports 3rd generation... does that matter? Maybe not, but I would not buy this, because I do not know any different.

ignorance is rarely a valid argument to use.

Haswell (third gen) was released in the last month.  Not always a great idea to be the first wave of QA, I mean customers, for new hardware.  Performance difference is negliable for cpu, potentially substantial on internal video.  Slightly more power efficient.

Motherboards are another spot where I spend more than listed here, or would be spent on your cheapie system.  I'm usually going $120-150 here. In particular, I don't want to see any fans on the MB.  Most of my decisions are aimed at a quiet operating system.

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