Does anyone like the canon 35mm 1.4 more than the sigma?

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Re: Does anyone like the canon 35mm 1.4 more than the sigma?

I had the 35L several years ago and loved it, but sold it when I got out of the business.

Now I own the Sigma 35 and although I can't do side by side test since I no longer own the 35L, it was no brainer for me to get the Sigma because it was cheaper. If the 35L had been the same price as the Sigma, then I probably would have done some tests of my own to pick the better lens. Or, if the Sigma was more expensive, I probably would have picked the Canon. However, Sigma is about $500 cheaper than the Canon.

As for the complaints about bokeh, it's not entirely true. I have to admit that there were few occasions where the bokeh looked nervous or distracting. However, there were more instances where the bokeh was incredibly pleasing. I guess different situation produces different results.

Some people like to spend more money on things just because. As for me, I didn't see a huge benefit of spending extra $500 to get the Canon again.

With the money I saved, I've been trying to get a good copy of Sigma 50mm. That on the other hand, is completely a different story. I know there are good copies out there. I tried 3 different copies and all three had focus problems.

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