Canon SX50 or m4/3rds?

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Re: Canon SX50 or m4/3rds?

BobT wrote:

Let me begin by stating that I have a DSLR and a pocket P&S. But am now looking to consider something with decent range. lighter weight to act as my grab-and-go camera for when the ops are maybe a bit unknown. I guess it might boil down to just how much more superior the m4/3rds gear is than the one-piece super zoom (Canon SX50 Even though the m4/3rds is smaller and lighter than the DSLR, a one-piece pretty much do-it-all camera might offer the convenience that would be nice to have.

Have any of you wrestled with this specific situation? How did you resolve it? What might be some important points to consider in making such a decision? I do care about the IQ's final results, and I do make prints, but seldom larger than 8X10s or 11X14s.

Thanks for your comments.

The usability of the camera is just awesome ,  you can focus down to ZERO cm , and shoot the four moons of Jupiter , with the same camera .

as for IQ , only you can answer if it is acceptable for you ,  take a look around the galleries or on the several SX50 groups on Flickr .

Take a look and make the decision .

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