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Re: Script Problem

Stephen Barrett wrote:

Hossam Saad ElDin Abd Alhalim Farg wrote:

here you are the link for that script: Focus Bracketin

there are 2 Scripts, and both are working well, the first one are very simple with just 2 option to change only, the 2nd one have 4 option to change.

Hello Hossam,
I managed to get CHDK working on my SX30 today. I think that it is the correct build, corresponding to the firmware version on my camera. The battery-level indicator and the colour histogram work, but I couldn't get their focus-bracketing to work.

Then I put the 2 scripts "focus2.bas" and "focusrange.bas" that you suggested (above link) into the CHDK "scripts folder. For both of them, I get the same error messages in red:


When I press the shutter (in "ALT" mode with manual focus) no shots are taken. The message changes to:


I am guessing that it means there is one script statement that can't be interpreted.

so sad to here that from you Stephen, both script are working with me very well at my SX50.

I'll make another search for your SX30 mebe got some thing work with yours.

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