Scrap my Nikon kit 18-105 and 35 1.8 for a third party 17-50?

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Re: Scrap my Nikon kit 18-105 and 35 1.8 for a third party 17-50?

You have 2 good lenses already, but the zoom is limiting regarding maximum aperture. For group shots around the table I would suggest that you don't want too wide and aperture because you end up with some of the faces being out of focus due to insufficient depth of field.

The 35 1.8 is one of the sharpest lenses, and for single portraits possible a little on the short side as its 52mm in 'old' or FF terms. I would suggest that you obtain a cheap 50mm F2/F1.8 Nikkor if you can find one. Better still an 85 F2 (AI/AIS manual focus) or an AF version. It will give you a little more length to step back and throw backgrounds OOF. Whilst the constant aperture zooms are going to be good, they will not be at their best at maximum aperture, They certainly won't be any sharper at F2.8 that your current 35mm at F2 or F2.8, at the equivalent focal length.

What lighting do you use, it might be worth considering a good flashgun first rather than lenses.

Just my thoughts, always a dilemma.

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