Polarizing filter for which lens?

Started Jun 1, 2013 | Questions thread
shihhan Regular Member • Posts: 307
Re: Polarizing filter for which lens?

QuakeO wrote:

I'd like to add a circular polarizing filter to my bag. In your opinion, which lens would benefit the most?

  1. Panasonic 14mm
  2. Sigma 30mm
  3. Oly 14-42mm II
  4. Oly 40-150mm

Thanks for your advice!

P 14 f2.5 - 46mm
S 30 f2.8 - 46mm
O 14-42 II - 37mm
O 40-150 - 58mm

Just get 58mm and step up rings from 46 -> 58 and 37 -> 58. However, you'd have to take the hoods off...

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