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Re: Need Assistance with PC Specs

teseg wrote:

theswede wrote:

If you wish to contend this, please provide a link to one of those magically cheap machines.


As an example:

From last week to this week, this Sale has been reduced by $50... it was $679.

Cheap machine

2 x USB3, 1GB Radeon HD 7670, i7 3770 (Ivy Bridge, yuck!), DVD burner. OK. And since you add SSD and RAM after those will not be included. Let's go for your $679, and I will spend a maximum of thirty minutes locating parts.

Motherboard $69.99, Intel with USB3 ports.

i7 3770 $289.99

Gigabyte case $24.99

The HD 7670 is a rebranded HD 6670. $89.99

Gold 80 high efficient PSU, probably overkill for this build. $59.99

Grand total: $534.95

Add in the SSD and RAM from your selection and we saved $140. No HDD, if we wish to add that:

HDD 1TB 7200RPM $79.99

Bringing the savings down to $60 or so. But we get superior parts, and there are coupons and codes on several of the parts I listed which I have not counted, bringing the savings up further.

So, you got me, a week ago a system with upgrade cost ~$1050 (including tax and shipping). Now it costs $1129... and I am throwing out 10GB of purchased RAM in the OEM system.

$534.95 + $79.99 + $170 + $230

$1014.94 at present prices, to get the same specs but better PSU and motherboard. No saving in sight from better deals for the OEM manufacturer, no magic pricing, no lower price at all. Even if counting the 10GB of RAM the price will not be higher than the OEM box. Which you claimed it would be.

My key point is I located all this with about 1/2 hour of research, 1/4 hour of web price shopping and <1 hour to execute the upgrade (1/4 hour to install parts and 3/4 hour to migrate OS/applications to SSD).

I located this in under half an hour of research, and assembling this kind of simple system is about an hour. So comparable time.

For my first computer build I am certain I would spend days trying to determine what I really would need to do and a half day to assemble, and then hope it all works.

Why? Just start with a system you know will do what you want, and locate equivalent parts. In this case though, you bought too much. The GPU is completely unnecessary; you could just omit it and run on the Intel GPU, saving you money. That would bring the price down by $89.99.

And you are vastly overestimating the difficulty in assembling a modern system from parts, possibly from experience dating from sometime before the Black Death, when computers were difficult beasts. These days they snap together pretty much like legos. I built my latest one in two hours because I used a very complex, tiny custom case. Most of the time was spent fiddling with cable channels. That's not an issue on a midi tower or larger case.


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