Anybody using the "M"?

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Re: Anybody using the "M"?

I have one and did reply in the open forum to another post with the following....

"I don't usually post in this kind of debate but I got my hands on an Eos-M on the cashback deal with Pancake lens, adapter, flash and the like and I unpacked it carefully with a view of returning it if I was not happy with it particuarly as I had heard so much about the AF speed. After a couple of BBQ's and a lot of test shots I am keeping it and am very happy with it. The AF is not DSLR fast but it is not as horrific as people seem to say, hopefully the FW update will make things faster and if it does deliver on the 2.3x that will be snappy. I know there are faster alternatives out there but the APS-C sensor in a small body and compatibility with my current lenses made it an obvious choice. I particuarly wanted the 22mm pancake for the size of the total package with is surprisingly small. I own a 50d and a 450d along with a S100 but as much as I like the S100 it is going as it does not have acceptable IQ or control over DOF making it just an expensive compact in my book. The 450d will also be going as that was my travel light camera and obviously this has now been replaced by the M. One thing I find when doing landscape shots is blistering AF speed is not a concern but weight of my backpack is & when out with the 450d I still carry a compact just for taking video so factoring in the weight saving there including spare batterys and space in my pack this is a good thing personally. One of the issues I have had since I had kids is carrying SLRS with lenses as I often have to carry more family related things in my pack and often my daughter on my shoulders too. I think I will keep the 50d for now as it's a nice camera and there are a few times a year where I need fast tracking focus. The only gripe I have with the M is minor and will probably happen is an articulating screen would of been the icing on the cake.

I looked at every system available on the market currently and was very close to getting an RX100 or a Panny G5 but the RX100 was another exspensive compact with a slow lens (when zoomed) and I am not sold on M43 personally, I have also used Sony Nex in the past and liked them but the lenses are not quite as good as Canons (again IMO so if you disagree don't take offence). I think being able to use my 85mm f1.8 with the M was also another factor that kept me with Canon but I was willing to jump ship over to Panny, Nikon, Sony whatever.

I think one of the main things to remember is the best camera for the job is whatever you have with you at the time and I will be more likely to carry the EOS-M with the 22mm than I am to carry my 50D and I will be happier with the results than I have been with the S100 with regards to IQ.

I don't think the EOS-M is for everyone and there are plenty of great choices out there whatever type of camera you want but for me I am very happy with my purchase."

Just to update though I went away for a family break this weekend and only took the pancake and the adapter with the 85mm 1.8, really enjoyed carrying and using the little cam over my 50D. I have just ordered the 18-55mm ef-m lens and I think I am going to sell up the rest of my kit as I can't see a need for it now. I shot video loads of photos. I haven't sorted them yet but a quick skim through shows there were a few misses here and there with the focus but plenty of sharp pictures too. Seeing the FW viseo posted above has really made my day!!!

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