Worth fixing broken pop up flash on G1 X?

Started Jun 13, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Worth fixing broken pop up flash on G1 X?

Digital Shutterbug wrote:

Olga Johnson wrote:

There is a small microswitch under one rail of the hotshoe that can get stuck. A toothpick or thin flat item can pop it up. Here is a thread where some pictures show the microswitch. If it's stuck, the flash will not pop up.


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I don't believe this is accurate information about the G1 X. It is just a mechanical release, with no electronics involved. It pops up with the power off. It also pops up with an external flash mounted in the hot shoe, provided the external flash is not too large to physically block the movement. You may be thinking of the actual firing of the flash.


Thanks, Steve!  I stand corrected!

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