What's a good beginner's camera?

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Re: What's a good beginner's camera?

I took on your advice and read up on some reviews here. Basically my goal was to say which ones I like, hopefully get a feel of it and ask the person to provide a personal opinion, like another view.

One guy basically told me why people are unwilling to help me with explaining things to novices now days. He basically said "Everything is online, all the information is available to you. Just pick whichever one you feel right for you since you're a novice and they are all the same. Their appearance and functions are similar too. So you don't really need to drop by camera stores to check them out. If I explain a camera to you, it'll take me a whole day and I still won't be finished. So just check them out and pick one that you like."

While I understand online shopping is very popular, there are just things that are hard to purchase without seeing the physical form of it and trying it out at least once before. Camera is one of them, at least for my first camera. You wouldn't buy a car online, or see the specs and walk to a car dealer and buy the car without trying it, would you? Clothing is a debatable subject. Stuff like books or games are more common things.

This was from a local private store. I doubt I would want to pay a little more for this kind of service. But I did find a pretty nice store. I think the goal is to get a younger sales instead of the older professional ones. They have a bit of an attitude. Anyways, after my little talk with the young sales, I'm pretty much locked down on a T2i and D3100 since I feel the G5 a little small. Perhaps I will get tired of the slightly larger cameras later and want a smaller one, but not at the moment.

Thanks for all the input up till now. And I can't remember who said it (maybe more than one person?), but going in and feeling and playing with it have a stronger influence than looking at specs and seeing how good they are. Like the touchscreen or flipping out functions, I want it if I just look at a spec sheet/table. But after I played with one, it adds a layer of convenience but also a layer of complexity that I don't want.

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