Samsung gets it right - look here, Oly!

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Re: Samsung gets it right - look here, Oly!

I just ordered an E-P5 to replace my Sony NEX-5n because despite the great pictures, I can't stand not having easily accessed physical controls for things like ISO. The NEX forces me to go into menus to choose simple settings. And that break in fluidity kills my enjoyment of shooting with it. Hugely frustrating.

I see having the same problem with the new Samsung galaxy NX. I don't want to have to stop shooting or composing pictures in order to change a setting. The Sony NEX forces me to do that, this new Samsung will as well. In other words, horrible ergonomics.

If my car required me to slide into the passenger seat in order to back up... no matter how comfortable the seats were or how nice the steering wheel felt in my hand, I'd call that horrible ergonomics.

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