What's a good beginner's camera?

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Re: What's a good beginner's camera?

Yep! Photography is a bottomless pit is a good way of putting it. Speaking of which, I think you are correct. Before a second lens, I should fix/upgrade my pc.

I went to another story again and had better services and found out a few more things. This is again a question about how to run before learning how to walk. But I'm just so curious about it.

Are third party lenses just as good as the original company's? I brought up the type of things I would be mainly using the camera for and got into a little talk about UWA zoom. The guy said that rather than a Canon's, or Nikon's, I should aim for Sigma's since their prices are roughly at 50% of the original's. That sounds nice and all, but are they? Kind of want an opinion from someone who is more exposed to them than a sales. I am not judging his professional opinion. It's just I felt a sense of bias, like he didn't like the original company's lenses for whatever personal reasons and not just price differences.

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