Nikon 200-400 f4 testing

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Re: Nikon 200-400 f4 testing

AlexandreH wrote:

I was debating about the new 80-400 afs a bit but I need more reach once in a while and I would not see who would drop a 1.4x on the 80-400 then be at f8 wide open. If 400mm is the maximum someone needs then it makes more sens to get the 80-400. Would be interesting to see some compare pics of the 80-400 vs the 200-400 in that focal range.

great point although some complain about the 1.4 on the 200-400

I did some quick backyard shooting w/ the 1.4 on the 80-400 and I won't go there again.

The D7100 in 1.3 Image Area mode is awesome and I would much rather have the camera be a 2x than add a tc to a zoom......IMO, other then the 70-200vr2 there are no zooms that do well with TCs, including the 70-200vr1

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