Skin colour in 24MP DX cameras

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brownie314 wrote:

This is a great discussion. I am glad to find that I am not the only person who has trouble with skin tones on the d7000. Not that I wish ill on other photographers, but at least I know it isn't totally my fault due to some camera technique. But also a little sad to realize that bad skin tones can't be avoided under some, rather common lighting conditions. I am a freak about colors, maybe too sensitive. I have been told not to worry so much, that other people don't care as much about that. But I just can't stand to see orange skin - even if it is just a little off, it bothers me.

It is a terrible issue with actual CMOS sensors, this is the reason why all medium format cameras still use CCD. Leica is making a very risky step by replacing its trusty 18MP CCD from Kodak with a new CMOS sensor in its M9, just for the sake of live view and video. Besides, if camera makers would be smart, they would offer a video capable CCD sensor for better colors and avoid rolling shutter issues. (jello effect when panning)

Do yourself a favor and find a second hand D200, even if the screen is small, the files are just a joy to work with : no color shift in shadow recovery, and actually better dynamic range out of the box if well exposed (no need to recover shadows or play with D-lighting, the raw files already provide shadow breathing) - grading is very easy too, files are light and the edge sharpness from CCD is amazing, this means that every detail is drawn precisely with no mushiness. Actually, I blew up 16X20 prints and they look amazing.

ps : the D60, D40X and D80 share the same sensor.

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