Nikon 70-200 f4 Aftermarket Tripod Collar

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Re: Nikon 70-200 f4 Aftermarket Tripod Collar

David A. Hamments wrote:

.... Although many suggest a tripod collar is not required (and not shipped with this lens), I would feel better mounting it on my tripod with a collar, rather than without......

Yeah it's always better to have a tripod collar for any telephoto lens when shooting on tripod, especially shooting longer exposure pictures, however, for a small lens like the 70-200 F4 VR it seems to be a little "less critical" compare to say with its bigger F2.8 brother, believe or not i even mount that lens with lens adapter on a little Sony NEX7 without lens collar shooting up to one minute long exposure shot without much trouble at all, do I worry about the lens mount? no at all, there is a recent discussion here regarding this topic which I posted some sample shots from my 70-200 F4 VR before I received my RRS tripod collar for the lens, even in the windy hill shooting 30 seconds to 1 minute exposure without the collar i didn't detect any vibration related issue on my shots, the key is use a good tripod and ball head, and a perfect fit camera plate that doesn't allow any movement between the plate and the camera......every little thing here and there actually will help a lot to contribute the final result, the tripod collar is just one "more obvious" weak point of the set up people paying attention to, the 70-200 F4 is really small and light compare to any other telephoto lenses, my friend tried my lens with collar on his crappy Manfrotto leg and head combo even with the collar still had a lot of vibration issue when we shot at the same location in similar condition few weeks ago, he is using those "universal" square shape camera plate which has a tendency to lossen from time to time and cause the camera rotating from the plate a little bit, and his ballhead doesn't lock as good as well, so all the "little thing" caused a lots of issues even a tripod collar is used, of course it will be even worse without, but all I am trying to say is tripod collar is just one of the thing that might cause you trouble and let's not over look other factors.

As for is worth to try the cheap after market one, that's a really a personal question and all depends on how critical one with his/her gears and final output, I think that old term " you get what you paid for" does apply to tripod and tripod collar too, I am sure any brand any kind of collar can only help and improve, should still be better than nothing, but is a $1500 RRS tripod Ballhead combo and a $200 little tripod collar worth the price that's very personal question I think if you ask 10 different people you have 10 different answers. some will tell you it's total waste of money and some will tell you it worth every hard earned penny, that's including me in the later category.

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