Fuji X-E1 vs Canon 6d with 24-105 L

Started Jun 18, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Fuji X-E1 vs Canon 6d with 24-105 L

If you want DSLR speed, but Fuji size, go with a Canon 100D. Excellent IQ, DSLR performance all in a small package. Canon just came out with a 40mm pancake that would really make for a small package. Pair that with a couple other consumer primes and you have a pretty small and light setup for travel. You sold off your big heavy DSLR gear for a good reason. If the XE1 isn't doing it for you and you're thinking of going back to a DSLR, go for a small one. I have a bag full of Pro gear, but it only comes out when I'm doing a pro shoot. There's no way I'd lug that around while traveling. It's just not practical.

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