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Re: PowerShot D20 review posted

Jeff Keller wrote:

Hi all, we've posted our review of the PowerShot D20:


I'll be writing five more underwater camera reviews and then we'll wrap it all up at the end and pick the best one!


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Jeff Keller
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14 hours since the thread has been posted with no reply!

I can't let you alone Jeff. Actually, I always held on buying a rugged underwater camera, since the optics quality is always compromised. Canon D10 was good enough, but its form factor was weird. This D20 looks to be a good option. Olympus TG-2 is very soft at f2, which kills its superiority in low light. Panasonic FT5 has those dull Panasonic colors that I can't really improve in PP. Fuji hasn't provided an EXR underwater camera. Sony TX series aren't rugged at all.

Each model seems diminished for a reason. Olympus TG-820 seems to have the best balance for the moment. D20 seems nice but I did find the images soft. Nikon AW110 is not cutting the edge but I need to read more about it.

Please Jeff, provide real life comparisons like you did with enthusiast cameras.

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