Need Assistance with PC Specs

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Re: Need Assistance with PC Specs

theswede wrote:

If you wish to contend this, please provide a link to one of those magically cheap machines.


As an example:

From last week to this week, this Sale has been reduced by $50... it was $679.

Cheap machine


Descent 250GB SSD for $170


RAM has also been going up in price. This is $230 now but was $20 less a couple of weeks ago. Certainly one could consider 16GB of RAM to reduce cost by $120, but that would not be as forward looking. Maybe the RAM price wars are over.

So, you got me, a week ago a system with upgrade cost ~$1050 (including tax and shipping). Now it costs $1129... and I am throwing out 10GB of purchased RAM in the OEM system.

My key point is I located all this with about 1/2 hour of research, 1/4 hour of web price shopping and <1 hour to execute the upgrade (1/4 hour to install parts and 3/4 hour to migrate OS/applications to SSD).

For my first computer build I am certain I would spend days trying to determine what I really would need to do and a half day to assemble, and then hope it all works.  That's fine if that is what I am into, but I'm into photography, so I would rather be out taking pictures... and this off the shelf system with upgrades will PP my photos with equal ease to that of a custom hand built computer, produce the same IQ and will provide an equally quick workflow.  As mentioned, expensive machines and cheap machines fail from time to time.   I hope mine does not.

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