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Re: Maybe Samsung should better stick to what they best

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Like it or not all cameras are almost completely electronics (lenses less so)... so, why not control them with touch screens?

Because it is kind of hard to use a touch screen while looking through a viewfinder

The photographic settings can be changed via the lens' i-function, this shows up at the bottom of the viewfinder.

I like all these experts in here that are assuming that you cannot use that one with Buttons only via EVF

so here is a Samsung issued video from the NX2000 (Tizen based, available in stock, same hardware controls as that Android NX)

you might find that beside the iFN, that available on most (beside the 30mm) lenses where you can easily access and change Aperture, Shutter speed, WB, ISO and EVF with a press and a turn, you can see the concept of the combined control button on the top plate here that allows you to manage the "UI driven" camera OS (regardless of Tizen or Android) just without any touch control.. sure you can use the touchscreen, but you can do that with any touchscreen based camera.

So not much different to a touchscreen driven Panasonic, Olympus or Sony just with a lot more features

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