Brand New D800E Autofocus Problem...What's Your Opinion?

Started Jun 18, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: I have NEVER tested my D800E

Algorhythm wrote:

Thanks for the replies everyone.

You're being generous, given that you've been called a weirdo, a bore, and an incompetent!

6 months ago a guy called Thom Hogan declared that Nikon had fixed the left AF problem and most here at DPReview take his word as gospel. Hence the reaction you've got.

I tried 3 D800s this year and all have the left AF problem. Apart from this issue it's a good camera, so I kept one of the bodies and changed my technique - I now only use the centre AF point. This can be awkward when shooting from a tripod, but I live with it.

If I were you I would exchange the camera, but I'm not sure the replacement will be any better. At some point you may have to decide whether the camera is worth it to you without the use of the outer AF points.

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