Need Assistance with PC Specs

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Re: Need Assistance with PC Specs

teseg wrote:

My hobby is photography, not computers (this IS a photography forum). I've been buying (lower end) computers for over 20 years (actually my first was a Radio Shack Color Computer dating back to around 1982 where my dad spent an extra $100 to get 6mb RAM vs. 4mb... so that is 30 years).

That would have been KB (kilobytes), not MB (megabytes).  Almost all personal computer CPUs back then were 8-bit CPUs with a 16-bit address space (they maxed out at 64 KB, for RAM, and ROM, and all memory-mapped I/O, and all address space wasted by incomplete decoding).  Except where bank mapping tricks were involved, 48 KB of RAM was a common limit.

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