Fuji X-E1 vs Canon 6d with 24-105 L

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make it simple

jmagbita wrote:

no one seems to prefer the Canon over the Fuji??

i'm still lost as to which to stick with.. Fuji is great in terms of weight definitely. but i'm still not "sold" on it's focusing speed ability..

You ask in the Fuji Forum here, basically you have people answering that already have and like the Fuji X. If you ask in the Canon forum, you will get a different answer. Not necessarily a "more exact one".

Why do you make it complicated. In a nutshell, use the one that you feel more attracted to.

Tthe Canon IQ is a bit better in terms of resolution and certainly AF speed (not AF precision), not in terms of DR and colour. But if you need to do "action shots" all the time, you'd be a fool to take the Fuji X.

However, with some experience, it is possible to shoot also action with the Fuji. You will probably miss more shots and get a bit less keepers, although the 6d is still quiete simple in terms of AF, not close to the 5d3. And you do not have half as many lenses available as with the Canon, not even 20% as many.....

But this is all well known. You choose the Fuji if you like the body, the general shooting experience, the low weight and size (this is a very important factor for many!) and the Fuji colour. No DSLR by CaNikon delivers - in my experience - so pleasing colours, specially skin tones with so little post work as the Fujis.

And do not underestimate the weight factor: 1 body with one lens, not so big. The body with 3-4 lenses and long time carrying around: Huge difference.

Make your decision instinctively, instead of collecting arguments. People prefer one or the other simply because they just prefer it. You will find arguments for both, but they will not tell you how much you will like one system or the other.


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