Samsung gets it right - look here, Oly!

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just a thought...

...perhaps it would alleviate your disappointment if you could stop calling people "kids", "children", "dudes" and "bunch of 13-year-old kids"? People tend to respond in a similar condescending tone that was used to address them, or go not contributing anything. Such is human nature.

BTW, for readers who are genuinely interested in m43 ergonomics I would highly recommend this place:

NZ Scott wrote:


When I started this thread I hoped it would spark a discussion about the ideal ergonomic layout of an m43 camera.

Instead, it's attracted a bunch of 13-year-old kids.

Half of them are pouting and complaining because I don't like their favourite camera.

The other half are trying to argue that the prettiness of a camera is more important than its functionality.

Disappointing. Really disappointing.


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