Continuation of my Nikon D4 assymetrical AF saga Part III

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Re: My interpretation

chlamchowder wrote:

I don't think anyone will be happy with any defect, especially with autofocus (SLRs have had autofocus more than 20 years ago...we'd expect it to be refined by now).

The threshold is accepting a defect, rather than being happy about it. Given D600's tremendous value for money, i n fact accepted that it will get a dirty sensor requiring self-wetclean.

I would not accept this if I was buying a D4.

Also D600 is more of a general purpose camera, whereas D4 is a more specialised action camera. If you could settle for unsuable left side AF you probably did not need a D4 in the first place.

Actually, IMO it might be more excusable on a D4 when shooting action.....

But in general purpose photography (meaning everything except fast action), where there is time to move the focus point around, I definitely wouldn't tolerate having bad left focus points.

I think when AF tracking fast and erratic moving subjects, such as bee, or sparrow, the wider the AF coverage the better, because you may not be able to keep the subject in the centre of the VF at all time. I have never used a pro grade AF tracking such subject, but I wuld imagine they must work because that is what they are inteded to do and they been developed for over 20 years.

for general purpose use, focus and recompose is not ideal but passable most of the time, so side AF accuracy is not critical.

Sure, i'm angry, but I want to get this point to as many as possible, that's why I started these series of controversial threads on dpreview.

I honestly don't think I can name a single camera that has no bugs or QC issues from launch to end of production. Ok...well maybe some low end compact cameras, but that's probably because their owners got them really cheap and therefore don't care or are willing to overlook problems.

Generally speaking, lower end SLR bodies that use trickled down technology have less issues than top end bodies. Take 550D for example, it was pretty advanced for a low end for its time, not everything used proven parts, the 18mp sensor wastweaked from 7D, the AF was a tweaked from previous xxxD, LCD was an incremental upgrade, etc. it turned out to be one very robust camera. I have not heard of any issues with it. Same with 60D to a similar extent.

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