The Oly 45mm 1.8 is just...

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Re: Hard to make the case for the PanaLeica equivalent

dwhitekc wrote:

Steve Pope wrote:

blosshapperter wrote: It's also my favorite lens. Seems to be a focal length which is (comparably) easy to build well.

For the implausibly attractive price, it seems such a good optical performer. Is there any downside at all (colour clash aside) to using it on the Panasonic bodies?

It is by far my favorite lens on the OM-D -- fast, sharp and a fun FL! The only downside I can think of on a Panny body would be the lack of IS.

To be honest. I seldom notice that the Panny don't has IBIS. It is not a cure for lousy technique and at lower speeds i use a tripod, so i have less high iso problems.

I really think that with normal shutter speeds that OIS/IBIS switched off gives sharper results.

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