Canon G15 due for Update?

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Canon G16 Suggestion

areichow wrote:

utomo99 wrote:

Look at history.

Almost every year Canon release new version.

This shows a slowing of releasing new cameras. And from the drastic decrease of P&S cameras sales this year I can see trend continuing.

G11 Announced Aug 19, 2009

G12 Announced Sep 14, 2010

only 2011 they mis. No G13 and G14

G15 Announced Sep 17, 2012

so lets wait for August - September 2013 for G16 announcement

I hope they releasing much better cameras, because competition are more now

The G15 was a much better camera than the G12, and I have yet to see a p7700 or rx100 in Best Buy, but there's always the G-series. You talk as if the G15 was a camera that is lacking which it certainly is not.

My Best Buy has the RX100, G15, and S110. They've always had the S100 or S110 on display, but got the G15 and RX100 about the same time. Worth noting that they've never had the G1X or EOS M, though.

Hoping that Canon ups their game in enthusiast compacts isn't quite the same thing as calling the G15 a crappy camera. Some of us Canon fans want to see Canon beat the competition rather than just rest on past successes.

so, lets make Canon G16 suggestion:

1. Digic 6 > Better Images

2. Flip Display

3. Better HDR

4. Better Flash performance

5. Bigger sensor if possible

6. Auto Panorama

Please add yours

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