What's a good beginner's camera?

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Re: What's a good beginner's camera?

KCook wrote:

The usual choice for a second lens is a 55-200/300 zoom, for shooting sports. But if you are not a big sports/wildlife fan, there are plenty of other choices:

Fast 35 or 50mm prime for low light and/or portraiture.

Macro for macro (duh).

UltraWideAngle zoom for architecture and scenery (my 2nd lens).

18-105 (or more) to replace the 18-55 with greater telephoto capability.

F/2.8 zoom to replace the 18-55 for low light.

I do not advise choosing a 2nd lens until after you have some experience with the standard 18-55. The usual 18-55 is really a very, VERY practical lens. Unless you spend all your time in low light.


You are definitely correct, but we, or I, were on the topic and I decided to plan ahead and get an idea of what to work towards. I looked before and actually considered the Wide Angle (including Ultra or Super) zoom. But Super and Ultra is pricier than I can afford at the moment. Actually, I think anything USM is outside or on the dot of my affordability at the moment. The stuff I can afford, I am not particularly keen on other than the prime lenses. So, it works pretty well with forcing myself to learn to walk before trying to run.


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