Skin colour in 24MP DX cameras

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So if you have different shades of white, brown, asian, and black skin tones in the picture, do you get one right and others wrong?

If you don't get colors right at the moment of capture - you have lost a lot of information forever.

But surely that would only happen if you got the exposure wrong - blew a channel or underexposed beyond the useful range of the sensor. If the exposure is correct then skin tones are a matter of rendering, no?

No. We aren't talking about WB issues. We are talking about color shifts, where one channel or hue is rendered differently from what is in front of the camera, but the rest of the hues are correct. If you have a woman with blond hair in the picture and you start changing global WB to correct skin tones, God only knows what color her hair will end up etc.

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absolutely - it is quite shocking that there has never been any website elaborating proper comparisons and tests on this subject. Using both CCD and CMOS for events and head-shots, I am experiencing this problem on a daily basis. It has nothing to do with a WB issue, it is the way color channels react towards different sources of lighting. On cloudy days, portraits are usually not a problem but when the sun or warm lights reflect on the skin, and even worse, when warm lights interact with cool lights, colors are shifting independently.

With cmos, I need to isolate first every different NEF series depending on the lighting condition, make a preset for each, and batch process before fine tuning the images. CCD has his issues too but if Nikons were using modern CCD sensors, they would offer something unique for wedding and portrait photographers. s 24MP Full frame CCD (with video mode, no rolling shutter issue) would be awesome but this will never happen.

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