What's a good beginner's camera?

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Re: What's a good beginner's camera?

MarkInSF wrote:

Yes, if someone gave you meaningful help, it's best to buy from them. I'll pay a little more for that. But that rebate is almost certainly being given to all authorized Nikon dealers. B&H (which has a huge NYC store, not just a Web site) clearly states it is a special offer from Nikon. Best Buy offers to match advertised online prices. Asking another store to do the same is also perfectly reasonable. From your other post, however, it doesn't sound as if you were treated very well. You'd have to figure out if any of those stores earned your business. Stores that ignore and dismiss me don't get my support. The people at B&H have been helpful to me in the past, so I feel good about giving them my business. I'm going to be in NYC in a few months and am looking forward to visiting the store in person.

There is no good reason Canon should be any more expensive than Nikon, and they aren't necessarily. Sometimes one has a cheaper model, sometimes the other. They compete aggressively for entry-level buyers, which is why these deals exist ever. There is a lot of brand loyalty in cameras, and either Nikon or Canon would love your future business. Offering you a bargain now is a good way of getting you on board.

It just happens that at the moment Canon isn't offering big discounts on the entry-level models. Once a model has been discontinued for long enough the rebates usually disappear. That is probably the case with t2i. The remaining stock will eventually get sold off at whatever price the market will bear. The D3100 is not as old, so still being actively cleared out. But you never know. There might be a Canon rebate offer in a few days. Prices were lower yesterday. If you like the t2i your friend is offering, it wouldn't be a bad buy. The point is to get a camera you like at a price you can afford.

Yep, I'm totally in with that. Good support/service = my business, especially with restaurants. I eat out quite often. If I stop, I bet I can get a lot more goodies.

The way I go about my money is a little weird. If I allocated a certain amount, it's not going back into my savings or whatever. It'll be dedicated to be used in whatever I am using it in. So in a sense, if I grab a less expensive model right now that I'm content with, I can spend the remainder on other accessories. I also had another budget allocated for accessories. So together, I might be able to get something interesting. I don't know if it's another for a second lens. I doubt it since lens are pretty pricey. But it's just another idea of managing money. I get too many ideas and never get anywhere...

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