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Re: Need Assistance with PC Specs

teseg wrote:

My time is valuable so researching what I need to build and assemble my own system would be a huge opportunity cost for me... and I would argue far outweighing the cost savings of a custom build as I spend hours researching, hemming and hawing about all the parts I need and then more research to get value pricing... and finally assembly... and having my fingers crossed it will work right with the first start. How many hours of research would I have to do to even understand there are lacquered and un-lacquered motherboards (mind you, I've been using computers, without component failure, for over 30 years)?

While your point on opportunity cost is certainly valid, you're greatly overstating the difficulty in piecing a system together.  Unlacquered motherboards?  WTF?  I've built a healthy number of machines over 20 years and this hasn't come up as a concern.

Motherboard selection today starts with a cpu selection, then a chipset choice, and then size (full, micro, mini), and then features desired such as the video port (DP versus DVI) and SATA port count/type and others, along with possible quality/design choices around the fans or passive cooling and the power transformers.  Or you just go to newegg and find one that people like.

Video card selection (if warranted) can be messy due to the large number of nearly identical ATI and Nvidia based boards, but installing one is a breeze.  Only concern is potential power draw.

Then you pick the SSD and possible hard drive, select just about any dvd burner (too cheap to waste too much time) if needed.

The cpu cooler, if you want to go away from the stock, can be tricky due to the size of them and not necessarily fitting.  This part blows.

Power supply choice is annoying just because there are so many wrong opinions out there.

Case choice is annoying because it's hard to select based on pictures, and it's very unlikely the one you want will be physically stocked at a place near you.  Takes some experiences here to improve the odds.

If you care about each choice, you're unlikely to find a pre build system that does better than 75% matching.  I'm happier paying 5-10% more to get over 90%, and it takes about 3 hours to build.  The point about hoping no defects is definitely true, though.

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