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Re: A bunch of children in this thread

NZ Scott wrote:

Ollie 2 wrote:

caver3d wrote:

You, of course, do not own an E-M5. That tells us all we need to know about you.


My mother doesn't own one either. What does THAT tell you about HER? Sheesh.

The OP has put forward a reasonable proposition based upon his personal experience/opinion. Whilst you may or may not agree with this position, I see no reason for you to turn it into this kind of personal response.

It's a camera.

So many threads are becoming like this. Is it Bush Week?

An astute observation, Ollie.

It's really amazing how many people in the m43 forum litter their comments with personal insults and barbed comments.

When I started this thread I hoped it would spark a discussion about the ideal ergonomic layout of an m43 camera.

Instead, it's attracted a bunch of 13-year-old kids.

Half of them are pouting and complaining because I don't like their favourite camera.

The other half are trying to argue that the prettiness of a camera is more important than its functionality.

Disappointing. Really disappointing.


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It is remarkable. I've just been observing another poster in another thread having an iPhone photo (the only photo in his gallery and only there as a demonstration of iPhone/light gathering or some such thing) being taken to task purely because he chose to critique a photo that someone had submitted presumably for that very reason.

I own the OM-D and like it very much. However, I'm interested in other people's opinions/experiences with this device, be them positive or negative.

Clearly others take this stuff more personally. Bizarre. One can only assume that they personally hand a hand in the ergonomic design.

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