What's a good beginner's camera?

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Re: What's a good beginner's camera?

KCook wrote:

You're right. The most important Canon upgrades have been to LCD and LiveView mode. With the T3i the LCD can be folded out. Useful for folks who shoot a lot over the heads of crowds, and for macro work, or a foodie. But not many of us spend a lot of time in those modes, so not really essential. The counter argument on fold out LCDs is that they are one more barnacle on little bodies that are already covered with buttons and doors. They violate the KISS principle.

Anyways, this is why I often advise saving a lot of $$ with a used T2i instead going for the latest Rebel as a first DSLR. For serious improvement the 60D is the one to check out, instead of the latest Rebel. And the 60D has it's hands full against the latest semi-pro Nikon models. But a 70D release is thought to be imminent.


Sweet. My amateur instincts that I developed by reading several long reviews (well, to me it's pretty long) and playing with it is not bad.

Between the T_i models, I find the LCD screen that is flexible or able to fold out completely useless to me. I don't have strong interest towards touchscreen. I am actually more old school and prefer no touchscreen. I'm also not really a movie/filming person. So that kind of upgrade is unnecessary. So yeah, as far as Canon Rebels go, I'm on the same boat with you regarding to T2i.


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