What's a good beginner's camera?

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Re: What's a good beginner's camera?

MarkInSF wrote:

No, that's more or less true. Canon has been using the same line of sensors for years. They have upgraded various features, but gradually. The t5i is almost exactly the same as the t4i except that they introduced a new, improved kit 18-55mm lens. Nikon keeps a fair amount of consistency in their lines, too, though there have been more internal improvements. Sorry you got such lousy sales help. Sometimes it's better to be left alone. Most of the big box sales people know very little about the products they sell. There are too many and they change too often. If you're lucky you find an actual enthusiast, but that's rare. I've heard more outright lying from camera store sales people. Utter nonsense, worse than car salesmen. But there are more good, knowledgeable people in camera stores, too. Depends a lot on the culture of the store. At least you were able to get your hands on some. If you bring your own SD Card you can save pictures, at least at camera stores where they aren't bolted to security devices.

Remember that you're seeing them at their very worst chained down in a store with horrid lighting. Mirrorless cameras in particular suffer, not being low light champs. Take any of those outside into the sunshine and they'll come to life. Anyway, you've had a little playtime.

The big box sales had their camera chained down. Or don't want to let me play with it. They rather demonstrate it to me by their hands for whatever reason. One guy really gave me nonsense. I asked the difference, with respect to specs, about a few Panasonic cameras as I don't have them all memorised. He told me about dimensional differences and that's it. I am not blind and those camera are on display. Drove me nuts and I basically stormed out in a polite way.

Gonna go to more tomorrow...hopefully a new day, a better day.

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