What's a good beginner's camera?

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Re: What's a good beginner's camera?

MarkInSF wrote:

I was referring more to my feelings about what it's worth. Just gut feel for a camera I don't esteem highly. The lens is the same and worth as much to use, but the makers price them differently in a bundle vs. out. When I bought my V1 the second 30-110mm zoom only cost me $100, but if I go to B&H to buy it separately it is $250. When I started looking at t2i prices I found that they were charging an extra $250 for the bundle with that lens. That's higher than I would have expected. They usually give you a better deal when you buy additional lenses (if they're a kind of extended kit). The pricing of different lens packages can be unpredictable, and more so for a discontinued camera.

I wonder if some rebate just expired. I had no trouble finding them cheaper yesterday than today. The t3i + kit lens can be had for $600. I'd expect the discontinued t2i to be substantially cheaper, but today on Amazon it is $660 with the kit lens. Ridiculous. Those are all new prices. They don't vary much between Amazon sellers.

I'm just not crazy about the Rebels from what I've seen of them (though the t2i is more impressive than the shoddy t3). If I were looking to buy a dslr I'd find a Nikon I could afford or go for the Pentax K30. It doesn't offer as attractive an upgrade path, but it's cheap, small, has nice iq, has a great viewfinder, and even offers weatherproofing, though the cheapest kit lens is not weatherproof.

OK, here is the kind of deal you should get on a discontinued model. At B&H (and probably others), a Nikon D3100, a direct competitor of the t2i, for $496, with both the 18-55mm standard zoom, AND a 55-200mm. That's new. With a $220 mfgr. rebate. That makes a whole lot more sense. With just the 18-55mm it's $50 less. That's the kind of bundled pricing you can sometimes get. Even if the lens is imperfect, it's a great lens for $50. They are even throwing in a 16gb SD Card and a spare battery so you'll have everything you need. That's worth another $40 or so. B&H is a great place to buy from.

For the same money Canon is giving a t3 body. Ugh.

Yeah, I realized that Canon is a little pricey for the same or similar specs. But that's just how things are.

I also understand purchasing stuff online is usually cheaper. But I have a dilemma. I feel torn between purchasing it online and in a store. Online offers a better deal but arguably going against my morals. It's a stupid moral but that's how I am. If I'm purchasing something at a store, I would go for the store with the between customer service than the one with really poor customer service. This is assuming that the price difference isn't that large. Or another one that had decent services and a more comparable price.

For online purchases, I suppose you can say that I saved the extra money because there were no customer services. But in this case, I actually went "window shopping" and "wasted" some employees time. It's their job, but if they did a great job, I feel I should compensate them for it if my final decision was influenced by their excellent service. I know it's stupid. My sister yells at me all the time about wasting more money like that.

In another sense, if I go back and purchases it with the employee that served me, it's telling them that they did an amazing job and got a customer, so keep at it. Instead of me disappearing and they felt that they wasted their time and eventually degrade to the un-enthusiastic sales.

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