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Re: What's so wrong with E-P5?

klopus wrote:

NZ Scott wrote:

After the disappointment with the E-M5 and E-P5 I started to wonder if Olympus would ever design a camera with decent ergonomics.

E-P5 isn't even out yet. I can understand that ergonomics of OM-D can be rather controversial - needless hump, no flash, EVF in the middle, relatively big for what it is, etc.

But what's your beef with E-P5? That it has a soap bar shape with shallow/no grip? But that's the whole point behind E-Pxn line to differentiate it from DSLR-like Pannys.

My "beef" with the E-P5 is that you cannot replace the grip with a larger one. I use a large-sized replacement grip with my E-P3, which improves handling tremendously. The E-P5's little grip is fixed.

There are people, you know, who prefer compact "slidable" shape over deep grip. And then why to single out just Oly? Fuji also does it, so is Pana GFx, and Nikon A, and NEX, and Leica, and Ricoh and Sigma. Heck, what about classical film rangefinders?

I singled out Oly because this is forum is dedicated to Oly and Panny - not to the other brands you mentioned.

Interface wise I think that Oly did a very good job with two dials, multiple tactile controls, 1-2 switch and customization. That said I prefer much more visual at-a-glance Leica and Fuji "retro" approach with physical dials and rings for aperture, shutter and EV settings.

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