Very curious about the successor to SX50HS (SX60HS?)

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Re: Very curious about the successor to SX50HS (SX60HS?)

Darkdac wrote:

Don`t dream too much! Canon SX60 HS will have the same 50x zoom, same LCD and EVF; only improuvement will be Digic 6 with the capability of movie 1080 60i (I don`t think they will upgrade to 60p)

The lens is the same for 2 no improvement as I said before and the fact it will be ready in september is a major draw-back because all of us want a new camera in september all the vacantion are over. That`s why a lot of people buy others bridges camera because they want la last model on marke for vacantion. In summer, SX50 HS or SX60 HS are allready old cameras. I think the marketing director on a little old for this times and he must be replaced by a smarter guy wich see better the needs of clients

I hope the new things is not only Digic 6.

otherwise it is not fun. and many people will not buy/ upgrade.

I hope they also give faster lens too (SX40HS has faster lens) and wider 24mm

and also 900K display, better battery life. and reduce other cons

regarding the release schedule. I agree that Canon need to release it earlier

But do not release unfinished cameras.

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