Hillary Clinton - top 3 aaccomplishments

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Re: It really doesn't matter

Chato wrote:

She would have been better at pinning Republicans to the wall. Obama actually believed that Republicans would cooperate if they "only knew how right wing he really is."

Nothing will satisfy Dick Cheney.

She's a more ruthless politician then he is. But there's not much difference in their agenda's. A sort of common sense Corporatism, in which she believes the same garbage as Obama, pushes the same trade policy, etc, etc. Shows how bankrupt the Democrats are. If it wasn't for the fact that the Republicans have all decided that stark raving lunacy is normal, they would be winning these elections.

Pres. Obama seemed like he was looking for the middle point between the Democratic position and the Republicans. Except the Republican party has been taken over by serious nutters and their position is now on the far side of the moon- so the middle point is floating in space somewhere. There is no longer a common understanding, purpose, or direction. Not that everyone liked Ted Kennedy or Tip O'neil, but when they spoke, people listened. I am not good at predictions but the next general election cycle could see a strong push for either a third party candidate or at the least a sharply divided party fight both democratic and republican.


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