Samsung 85mm f/1.4 on sale at Amazon.

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Cross-border shipping with horrendous "brokerage" fees from some shippers: beware!

Troutguy wrote:

price sounds good but Canadian buyers will have to pay import duty and it will add considerable to the price.

hmm yes. that is why I never buy from a seller who ships UPS or DHL. what these companies do, is they broker it themselves (with or without your authorization), calculate GST+PST, and charge you double that amount (the second half being their brokerage fee).

They get customers opening accounts by charging competitive cross-border shipping rates, because they recoup multiples of that from the buyer.

For this reason, I ALWAYS make sure the seller ships USPS, or if the seller isn't in the USA, via regular mail or via EMS.  These all end up at the post office, and it is a roll of the dice as to whether your shipment will be intercepted for taxes or not.  I order a LOT on the web... thousands $ a year as I have stuff coming in several days a week, and I can attest that most of the time, it doesn't get intercepted and you save.

If your seller has made a business decision that they will only ship UPS or DHL, then do business with someone else.

Another thing, ebay is being pursued in North-America to collect extra fees, and have implemented a change to their system where they show import fees:  I never order from a seller who accepted this transition and who's listings show the import fees, but I don't actually know whether or not those get charged or if it is just an estimate.  If someone knows and could enlighten us on that... please.

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